Account Planner Client Side for marketing departments.

Without a properly defined problem any answer will do. All PlannerFed members are experienced marketing and communication strategists. We excel at understanding why your customers buy from you and can help you develop what you really offer to the market and how this should be presented. This means that we can help you sell more, and at a higher margin, whilst at the same time help you generate better and more effective work from your regular communication agencies.

Three ways of using us

  • 1. Inspiration Session

    During a few hours with you and your management team we will demonstrate insights and opportunities and will ask you pertinent questions that will help you rethink and evolve your offer. The purpose of the meeting is not primarily to find solutions to all your challenges but to inspire and help identify the issues you need to focus on going forward.

  • 2. Project

    Positioning. Segmentation. Brand strategy and content. All things digital. Design development. Campaign strategy, development and evaluation. There are as many reasons to use one of us as there are planners on our team. Irrespective of your reason why, you will get a seasoned and self-driven professional who’s “been there, done that”. And all at an agreed fee and with a clear project timeline.

  • 3. Coach

    Marketing communication is more complex than ever. And while brand and customer relations are more important than ever companies are often stuck with reduced internal resources for managing these issues. Why not benefit from the experience of one of our senior consultants as a regular sounding board and strategic resource?