Agency planning - get senior planner to increase inspiration

Our planners can add to your agency’s offer in many ways: as an extra resource on a specific project, for one or more specific clients or in a pitch. Or why not as an internal sounding board that represents the “voice-of-the-consumer” in an increasingly complex communication universe?

Three ways you can benefit from our services


  • 1. Pitch

    Do you have the insights, category experience and resources to win that new business? Why not enlist the services of our experiences planners to ensure you develop the right strategy and the right creative idea? You decide how long you need us: is it just to secure a winning pitch, or do you want to continue after the client is yours?

  • 2. Project

    Positioning. Segmentation. Brand strategy and content. All things digital. Design development. Campaign strategy, development and evaluation. There are as many reasons to use one of us as there are planners on our team. Irrespective of your reason why, you will get a seasoned and self-driven professional who’s “been there, done that”. And all at an agreed fee and with a clear project timeline.

  • 3. Coach

    Marketing communication is more complex than ever. And while your clients face a growing number of diverse challenges they have ever-increasing expectations on their agency to guide and counsel them, irrespective of the challenge or area of expertise. These are often areas that go beyond traditional agency services, but which are at least as important for the client. Why not benefit from the experience of one of our senior consultants as a regular sounding board and strategic resource?