For in-house agencies - Creative Briefs based on consumer insight

Our seasoned planners and strategist offer a welcome extra resource for in-house agencies. Our knowledge about consumer insight and buying processes means we will help you develop better and more inspiring communication briefs for your creative teams, which in turn will help ensure that they focus on solving the relevant communication challenge. And at the same time we can help you develop the role of the in-house agency towards your internal clients by adding an end-user perspective and demonstrating how you can add value for the end-customer.

Three ways of using us


  • 1. Inspiration Session.

    During a few hours with you and your management team we will demonstrate insights and opportunities and will ask you pertinent questions that will help you rethink and evolve your offer. The purpose of the meeting is not primarily to find solutions to all your challenges but to inspire and help identify the issues you need to focus on going forward.

  • 2. Brief

    “Why can’t we, for once, get a decent brief?” Recognize that question? Well, now you can. Our planners have worked on everything from fast-moving consumer goods to complex business-to-business products, and know what it takes to create a clear and inspiring brief. And to help you evaluate the ideas and proposals against the brief when that time has come.

  • 3. Coach

    Marketing communication is more complex than ever. And while brand and customer relations are more important than ever, companies are often stuck with reduced internal resources for managing these issues. Why not benefit from the experience of one of our senior consultants as a regular sounding board and strategic resource?