Our services offer small insights and simple solutions which results

We offer small insights and simple solutions that lead to significant results.



    Our planners can add to your agency’s offer in many ways: as an extra resource on a specific project, for one or more specific clients or in a pitch. Or why not as an internal sounding board that represents the “voice-of-the-consumer” in an increasingly complex communication universe?MORE ON OUR OFFER FOR AGENCIES


    All PlannerFed members are experienced marketing and communication strategists. We excel at understanding why your customers buy from you and can help you develop what you really offer to the market and how this should be presented. This means that we can help you sell more, and at a higher margin, whilst at the same time help you generate better and more effective work from your regular communication agencies.MORE FOR MARKETING DEPARTMENTS


    Our seasoned planners and strategist offer a welcome extra resource for in-house agencies. Our knowledge about consumer insight and buying processes means we will help you develop better and more inspiring communication briefs for your creative teams, which in turn will help ensure that they focus on solving the relevant communication challenge. And at the same time we can help you develop the role of the in-house agency towards your internal clients by adding an end-user perspective and demonstrating how you can add value for the end-customer.MORE ON OUR IN-HOUSE OFFER