About Us - PlannerFed Account Planning Network for Sweden, Scandinavia

We offer planning that will help you solve the real challenge with creating added value instead of seeing advertising as the solution to every problem.

What’s unique about planning isn’t finding insights or making a target group analysis. We do that too but we are not alone. The strength of PlannerFed is to recommend commercially strong solutions and recommendations which origin from these insights that we learn through research, going through customer complaints, checking out competitors or watching trends. Which means we don’t stop at painting the world with challenges, we also give a way out. A choice, with commercial potential. That way we help build margins, increase volumes or find new business and win market share.

PlannerFed is only a couple years old being founded in 2009 by Robert Dysell. But our planning consultants have been around much longer working on both agency and client side, in Sweden or abroad. Mainly in UK, US or Germany. Our success lies in recruiting consultants with account planning skills and know-how in addition to a deep competence that is unique to that person. Could be a line of business like finance or a method like creativity for in-house agencies to give an example.

Today we have about ten account planners tied to our network. We market and sell their services and they market our mutual brand and support our objective.

Our objective is to help create world class marketing performers in the nordic region.